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Gripit FAT roll of kinesiology tape. Use this tape on larger areas or when requiring multiple tape pieces. Colours: TAN / FLESH, BLACK Use 100mm for larger body regions for easy application. Ensure you provide NO tension of the end of the tape when applying. Check out our instructional videos for understanding application and removal. 90-95% Cotton 5-10% Nylon 80-100% stretch properties (we recommend 40% stretch on application) Waterproof technology - you can swim with it!!!! LATEX & ZINC OXIDE FREE Lasts for Days

The Functional Tape Gripit Active Gripit Active is a new and exciting product for new tapers as well as highly health professionals. It can be considered the “functional tape” assisting in unloading muscles and joints, reducing pain and enhancing performance and recovery. Gripit Active is a low allergenic (no latex or zinc oxide) smooth & comfortable to wear multi-directional stretch tape. Gripit Active comprises of a blend of nylon and cotton cloth giving it a slinky light and athletic feel which is durable and contours well to all body shapes and sizes. It is safe to use on all ages from children through to adults as well as during pregnancy. Multi-directional Stretch & Adhesion Unlike traditional kinesiology stretch tapes, Gripit Active is unique in that it is highly elastic and stretches in both directions (multi-directional) meaning it can adhere closely around joints and body parts for maximum full dynamic support & unloading. As muscles do not function in one plane of movement and usually are across multiple joints, the tape can closely mimic muscle function and joint movement, therefore assisting movement through multiple planes. Gripit Active, also does not have a rigid endpoint which allows for full joint, muscle and body movement (ie. Allows support but does not restrict movement). Gripit Active has superior adhesive glue technology ensuring you can have confidence in it sticking through any high level sport, recreational activities or working conditions. It is also made of a breathable fabric which dries quickly ensuring it repels water so that it is perfect for showering, swimming, water sports and also frail sensitive skin. Application Gripit Active tape is best applied using our Gripit Active taping method, where it is applied on stretch to a body part in a shortened position. Taped appropriately, Gripit Active can provide mechanical assistance to a joint or muscle. Gripit Active will allow full movement and as it stretches with movement it can absorb force (load) and slow down movement (reduced eccentric contraction workload). Using the elastic recoil stretch properties, it can therefore be used to transfer the absorbed energy into assisting movement (assist concentric contraction work load). This can be beneficial in reducing pain, improving muscle and joint function and therefore improving movement, power and potentially performance. Essentially, Gripit Active aids in absorbing load and re-directing it to assist in the line of muscle force, over all decreasing the amount of work a muscle has to do to generate power (decrease muscle work load) and conserve energy. This has added possible effects by reducing pain, reducing fatigue and metabolic usage, improving circulation and healing through the muscle pumping action as well as improving motor control through the tapes proprioceptive input on the skin. Hence, Gripit Active could be considered to be assisting us to be a more pain free, fuel efficient human machine! No wonder the athletes love it! Unlike kinesiology tape which does not stick to itself, Gripit Active adheres well to both skin as well as itself, meaning you can apply multiple layers of tape to enhance the unloading muscle effect while still not restricting movement. Gripit Active, the Functional KTape that takes the load off!


Brand Gripit Kinesiology Tape
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